Explore innovative programs that aim to inspire communities through the simple, yet powerful act of giving.  

Building Bridges 

This program focuses on connecting members of the community with the resources, tools and relationships they need to thrive through the act of giving. Building Bridges aims to challenge the way we look at giving. Many feel they can’t give or serve as a bridge to those in need because they may not have the financial means or the resources. However, when we give our time, our ear, our compassion, our empathy and or our resources we create an invaluable bridge empathy and understanding for one another. This is the heart of Mission Give.  


Back to School Drive 

Partners: Play House Productions, 2nd Chance Studios 

Seasons of Giving 

Partners: Steve Landers  

Mission Give Grants A Wish  

Partners: Make A Wish Mid-South  

Mission Give:See a Need, Meet A Need 

Partners: Millions of social media followers collaborate with our founder, Tommy Norman to meet the immediate need of members of the community through donation of time, resources or support.   

Breaking Barriers 

Mission Give’s Breaking Barriers initiatives focus on removing the barriers that prevent our communities from thriving. Many barriers are systemic or rooted in our inability to empathize with the person in front of us. These initiatives aim to break these barriers through intentional conversations, collaborations and education with those integral to initiating change. Through these efforts Mission Give seeks to create a space for those in positions of power to hear, see and participate in the efforts to strengthen our communities.  


Mission Give: “National Community Policing Education Tour and Training” 

Partners: Officer Tommy Norman & Police Departments across the US 

“Mission Give Town Hall” 

Partners: City Administration  

Mission Give Day” 

Partners: Local and national businesses, city agencies and officials and community volunteers host a day of education, collaboration and conversation to support and empower the community.